Anse Global is one of the leading Trading Establishments for Industrial Pipes & Fittings, Valves, Flanges, Structural Steel, Gratings, Equipments and  Tools, Nuts & Bolts, etc. serving various petrochemical processes, refineries, power projects, water treatment plants, engineering construction companies, headquartered in Jubail city, Saudi Arabia.   Our major supplies are of the following:

  • Industrial Pipes (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Steel Alloys
  • Pipe Fittings (SS, CS, MS, FCS  &  FSS)
  • Flanges & Valves (CS, SS, Bronze etc)
  • Structural Steel (SS, CS, MS)

Our products are mainly used for the following fields and categories:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Offshore Plants
  • On land Construction

We supply various products of several market leaders and well-known manufacturers around the world, where the quality is rigidly controlled in accordance with all appliances codes, standards and rules demanded by any project. We strictly abide by the quality with our utmost efforts in order to meet various customers requirements.


With quality products, reasonable prices and satisfactory services, the Company has been favored and supported by lots of customers, and hence, has got high reputation in the Competitive Market.


We always take it as our own task to support the local industry.  Although based in local market, we keep the international market in our view and we warmly welcome current and prospect customers to contact us for their various requirements.